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I am looking for a PhD student in Civil Engineering who is interested in studying ecosystem services in bioretention systems (also called biofilters or rain gardens). The student will need work with faculty from multiple disciplines, including engineering, urban planning, and ecology. Strong writing skills are a must, as is an interest in multivariate statistics and programming in Matlab or R (not that scary, I promise). This position is located at the Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory in Manassas Virginia, not at the main VT campus in Blacksburg. The advantages of this are proximity to DC, field sites, and several major water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities. The disadvantage is being somewhat distant from life on the main campus. If this is a concern for you, let me know.


Students with undergraduate backgrounds in ecology, environmental science, urban planning, or engineering are welcome to apply so long as they are comfortable with pursuing an engineering PhD. I am hoping for a start date of Spring, 2019 (VT graduate application deadline: 1/15/19) or Fall, 2019 (VT graduate application deadline: 9/1/19).


If interested, please contact me at and include the following: 1) A one page description of your research interests, 2) one letter of recommendation, 3) your current GPA, and 4) the date you could be available to start.

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